April 2018

Having reached more than 1000 consultants in Romania, ALTEN Group is opening a new office in Bucharest

With a solid foundation of operations in Romania, ALTEN Group inaugurated today, April 24, their new office in the latest non-residential project in the North of Bucharest, OREGON Park, a building that is environmentally friendly, well-located and has excellent transport connection, permitting easy access for its employees.

ALTEN is a deeply established worldwide group and has a strong commitment to invest in Romania. With its unique positioning, as a worldwide leader in engineering & technology consulting, its employees have the skills and capabilities to cover the whole development cycle and to offer a wide choice of service levels, from technology consulting to complete projects outsourcing.

“Since we started our operations in Romania, the high-quality of expertise delivered by the teams has proved to be excellent due to the technical skills of our consultants. Now, we consolidated our positioning, covering all technologies and delivering high-level engineering expertise to our clients, having more than 1000 consultants in 6 cities. Our intention is to keep this strong commitment and reach 1500 consultants within the next 2 or 3 years”, declared Simon Azoulay, CEO ALTEN.

Present in the Romanian market since 2006, ALTEN Group has reached 1000 consultants at the end of 2017. In October 2016, ALTEN Group has also acquired the local software company, Kepler-Rominfo. In the last two years, ALTEN strengthened and structured the lasting presence of the company in Romania, by opening new offices in Iasi – Nicolina Business Center and Bucharest – OREGON Park and Sema Parc. In OREGON Park the company will occupy 2600 sq. meters, in a space that has been designed to provide a combination of high specifications, efficient office space with focus on low energy consumption.

“The investment in the new office was a natural step for our company, as we take pride in investing into our local teams, starting with the hiring process, the continuous learning and development program with local and international trainers and by the evaluation process of all our employees through the career management system of ALTEN Group. In this way and through these investments, we can constantly support the innovative projects of our clients and here, in Romania, we are working on cutting-edge technologies in automotive, aeronautics and IT sectors.”, declared Axel Girardetti, Central & Eastern Europe Director ALTEN.

February 2018

ALTEN Romania and KEPLER fully cover the impact of tax changes imposed in early 2018

Following a careful analysis of the changes in the Fiscal Code as of 1st January 2018, the management of ALTEN Romania and KEPLER, both part of the ALTEN international group - the world leader in the engineering and technical consultancy market - has decided to fully undertake the impact of these changes for all its 500+ employees.

"The international ALTEN group has been investing in Romania for over 11 years, as the Romanian market has strong prospects of growth and development. We reconfirm our commitment to more than 500 employees, therefore the management has decided that the impact of the recent changes of the tax laws will not be perceived by employees. The focus is to continue our successful projects with our partners and to remain a strategic partner in the local engineering and IT market," said Axel Girardetti, CEO of Central & Eastern Europe.

At a local level, ALTEN Romania and KEPLER have evolved continuously as companies with a valuable expertise in technology, through the experience and high qualification of the specialist teams, proven by the successful projects in engineering and IT. In the context of these major changes of the Fiscal Code applicable from January 1st, 2018, these two companies have expressed their commitment to maintaining a high-level of competence offered to customers, applying the same international success strategy and continuing the top talent recruitment policy that certifies the positioning of ALTEN Romania and KEPLER as stable top employers and trusted partners.

The ALTEN Group took over the local KEPLER software development company in 2016, thus consolidating the presence of the ALTEN Group in Romania and its expertise in new business sectors.


ALTEN Romania and KEPLER are part of the ALTEN international group. ALTEN supports the development strategy of its customers in the field of innovation, research and development and technological systems. 24,000 highly qualified specialists conduct studies and development projects for technical and IT divisions of industry partners. With a presence in 20 countries and involvement in every stage of the software development life cycle, with services ranging from technology consulting to outsourced projects, the ALTEN Group has proven its position as a trusted partner in top-level technical areas.

December 2016

JJUPIN 4.0 preview is available!

Ho, ho, ho!

They say it’s the best time of the year, but this Christmas you have yet another reason why you should be over the moon. We are launching the new version of JJUPIN and it’s better than ever!

It's our pleasure to present you the preview of JJUPIN 4.0, a major release aimed to cover even more JIRA functionality; JQL support and email handling being just two of them. We know you have long-awaited this release, so let's forget about fancy introductions and let's move to the improvements and new features brought by this version.

Support for JIRA Agile & JIRA Service Desk

Because we wanted to make things easier for you, JJUPIN Agile was incorporated into JJUPIN. This simplifies the install for JIRA Software users while providing you with all the available routines from JIRA Agile. The little support we already had for JIRA Service Desk was also incorporated into JJUPIN. Existing JIRA Agile customers will be required to renew only the JJUPIN license.

As a note, JIRA Service Desk integration is a major area for improvements and we know that. We expect to provide you with more routines and LiveFields support for JIRA Service Desk in the near future. You asked for it, our integration team asked for it, and we're determined to cover this as soon as possible.

SIL Mail Handler

Introduced into JJUPIN 4.0, SIL Mail Handler eliminates the need for another mail handler add-on, and moves the processing of mails in the language you already know: SIL. Upon receiving an email, you may add an issue, comment, add files from the mail as attachments, transition the issue, call another system or anything you want. This feature has been already tested into production.

JQL Support

We finally added support for JQL in SIL. This means that you may create filters of arbitrary complexity, tailored to your needs. We have added a JQL function that acts on issues, and two more to support special searches on other elements of the JQL (components, priorities, projects, etc). This also means that your filters may be dynamic, showing results that depend on the user executing them. I can see your smile from here!

Scheduler & Services

Redesigned from scratch, this is another major area that got completely changed with this release. We favored scheduler over standard services, since it has a more flexible configuration (CRON) and all its configurations have become permanent; simply put, jobs will survive JIRA restarts. Backward compatibility is assured, no changes are required in the code using currently the scheduler. Services have been removed and existing scripts bound on standard services will be moved to scheduler.


You can now have multiple SIL scripts listening for the same JIRA event and multiple events mapped on the same SIL file. Of course, you can reorder the script execution to achieve what you want, in the order that you want.

Start / Stop Scripts

You asked for a stop script, we added it. Now you have both start and stop events treated in JJUPIN and you may call JIRA-Agile routines from there.


Licensing has changed. When the license gets invalid, instead of disabling the add-on, we let the runtime execute your scripts; however the entire administration pages go disabled. This is hugely important because your installation will maintain the integrity of the operations until you will buy the license.

Plugin Suite Changes

Of course, as you already may know by now, we have a suite of add-ons, and not just JJUPIN. Touching the base means changing the entire suite, and this was a huge challenge. Version 4.0 brings in some important changes, we'll briefly review them below.

Architectural changes

The old mechanism of data storage was removed completely, and after this upgrade, our custom tables will be dropped. This impacts backup and restore strategy, simplifying it, since the new mechanism (Active Objects) is recognized by Atlassian, and therefore natively understood by JIRA.

Scripts may be stored now on disk, as before, or in database. While keeping them on disk has the advantage of speed, storing them in database may have the advantage of moving them from one installation to another quickly.

Minimal asynchronous SIL execution thread monitoring has been put in place: you can now examine and manage the SIL execution queue more quickly.

UI & SIL Editor

UI has been changed according to Atlassian Look&Feel recommendations. Editor has been largely improved, and we intend to add more on this one, too.

Better support for templates

Creating rich templates for emails is easier now. You can now embed SIL script snippets in an email template (as opposed as only variables), execute it and get a fully formatted message. We added the possibility to parse templates and use them for your own purposes, not only in emails.

Multiple LDAPs

We added support for multiple LDAPs. There's now a nice configuration page allowing you to define, edit and remove LDAPs from the configuration.

Database Configuration

No more JNDI and JIRA restarts! A datasource, along with its pooling parameters can be defined now directly from JIRA, provided that you already have the JDBC driver installed. The old mechanism is still in place, so use what you like.

New options for remotes

Some previously advanced proxy settings for remotes are now configurable with support for both normal and Windows domain networks.

New options for mails

Mail has got a shiny configuration page, too. Check it, as it now allows you to configure the email sender in different ways, including one which may be helpful for debug.

sendEmail() routine has been upgraded and it’s now capable of auto-detecting if the sent mail is HTML or text. There’s no difference anymore between calling sendHtmlEmail or sendEmail.


In order to incorporate the other two products, alongside with the new rich set of features, the price will be adjusted to better suit the number of users.

Licensing fees structure for JJUPIN, valid from the official release, expected mid Q1 2017, is presented below.

  • 10 users – $10
  • 25 users - $25
  • 50 users - $100
  • 100 users - $200
  • 250 users - $500
  • 500 users - $1000
  • 2000 users - $2000
  • 10000 users - $4000
  • 10000+ users - $6000

We’re an open company,so that’s why we’ll justify the need of changing the prices. This pricing structure was calculated based on the JJUPIN and JJUPIN Agile, which was incorporated into JJUPIN, as well as the new features brought to you by this version. For comparison, here is the list of prices, in USD, for both products, summed and individually:

  • 10 users – $45 (JJUPIN $25, JJUPIN Agile: $20)
  • 25 users - $85 (JJUPIN $50, JJUPIN Agile: $35)
  • 50 users - $170 (JJUPIN $100, JJUPIN Agile: $70)
  • 100 users - $320 (JJUPIN $190, JJUPIN Agile: $130)
  • 250 users - $600 (JJUPIN $350, JJUPIN Agile: $250)
  • 500 users - $600 (JJUPIN $350, JJUPIN Agile: $250)
  • 2000 users - $1000 (JJUPIN $600, JJUPIN Agile: $400)
  • 10000 users - $1400 (JJUPIN $800, JJUPIN Agile: $600)
  • 10000+ users - $1700 (JJUPIN $1000, JJUPIN Agile: $700)

You will notice an oddity at the 250/500 license tier. That was because we maintained a very stable price policy, something you should also expect in the future. In short, we believe that the new pricing better reflects the value of the product, already covering a wide range of features, while enabling us to improve the support we’re providing right now.

Somehow, we feel like JJUPIN has become a new tool, getting the JIRA integration and customization at a new level, and we hope that it will increase your users' satisfaction with JIRA.
Happy JIRA customization to you, all!

Download link


This is not the release of JJUPIN, but a preview of the release. The upgrade tasks are missing – we’re still working on them, making sure your transition will be smooth - and the version is time-bombed to expire on 30th of March, 2017. Do not install in production systems! Note that it will not work alongside previous add-on releases, e.g. do not install it in the same instance which contains any add-on downloaded from our published list on

October 2016

Kepler-Rominfo is now part of the ALTEN Group

Kepler-Rominfo is pleased to announce that it became a member of ALTEN Group. With 250 new colleagues from Kepler, ALTEN has now over 800 employees in Romania.

Founded in 1988, ALTEN is a French multinational technology consulting and engineering company with over 22 000 employees in 20 countries and an expected revenue of 1,7 billion Euros in 2016. ALTEN is listed in Euronext Paris market (compartment B); it is part of the SBF 120, the IT CAC 50 index and MIDCAP 100.

ALTEN provides design and research projects for the technical and information systems divisions in the industrial, telecommunications, and service sectors. It is engaged in the studies and conception of technological products for technical divisions. The company also provides networks and telecoms architecture, as well as develops IT systems for information systems departments. ALTEN serves aerospace, telecom, automotive, defense and security, multimedia and electronics, energy and life sciences, tertiary and finance, rail and naval, and other industries.

Kepler will bring to the group its recognized technical competencies, proven reliability in delivering complex projects, as well as deep expertise in new business sectors. All these, together with the know-how & experience of ALTEN in business development, will allow to put in place an ambitious growth path for Kepler.

May 2016

Kepler-Atlassian Day 2016 : available on the web

Let's start by saying a big “Thank you” to all who joined us at Kepler-Atlassian Day! We hope you have enjoyed it as much as we have. For those of you who missed the event or for those who simply want to re-live that moment we make available all the presentations.

  1. Kepler Atlassian Introduction (RO) by Florin Haszler, Product Director @ Kepler-Rominfo
  2. Atlassian Introduction (EN) by Vlad Cavalcanti, Experts Manager @ Atlassian
  3. Secrets of High-Performing Software Teams (RO) by Florin Haszler, Product Director @ Kepler-Rominfo
  4. Life Cycle Management with Atlassian tools (RO) by Florin Mănăilă, Senior Developer @ Kepler-Rominfo
  5. Be agile with JIRA Software (RO) by Tiberiu Vasilache, JIRA Consultant @ Kepler-Rominfo
  6. Kepler add-ons for JIRA (RO) by Radu Dumitriu, Software Architect @ Kepler-Rominfo
  7. Portofolio for JIRA (RO) by Răzvan Nechifor, JIRA Consultant @ Kepler-rominfo

April 2016

Kepler Atlassian Day

You are invited to join us at our exclusive event „Atlassian Software Tools for IT teams” held at the Radisson Blue Bucharest on 17th of May 2016.

Register here

Software for Smart Teams

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Here are the tools that will increase your development team’s productivity and quality of work:

JIRA Software built for every team to plan, track, and release great software

Bitbucket Collaborate on cone, manage and share your Git repositories

Bamboo Deliver JIRA issues – from code to customer

FishEye Search, track, and visualize code changes

Crucible Collaborative peer code review

Clover Java and Groovy code coverage

HipChat So much more than chat

Find out more ...

September 2015

JJUPIN 3.0.8 is now released !

The summer is almost over, and we thought we need to put some sunshine back in your life: we released JJUPIN 3.0.8 This version adds stuff we wanted for a long time in JJUPIN:

  1. Startup script, executed just after JJUPIN gets initialized
  2. Similar to the Blitz-Action screen script, you can now customize the gadget to be more user friendly, asking parameters more nicely. That's an awesome feature that you will simply love, that's our bet. This feature adds a number of routines, too. We wrote a mini-tutorial to get you started here: Parameters in SIL Runner Gadget
  3. While on gadget parameters screen, we improved security for the gadget scripts, too. You can now configure it for multiple groups, users and project roles.
  4. We added a number of requested routines into the core (getting a file from URL, add / remove group to / from project role, etc).
  5. We added a long awaited feature, the SIL task scheduler, offering also programmatic access to it, too. Routines like runJobIn, runJobAt, runJobInAndRepeat, runJobByCron, we hope, will simplify your life. Read more about this here: Scheduling Routines

Note: This version of JJUPIN needs katl-commons 3.0.8. Make sure when upgrading that the katl-commons gets on this version, too. JJUPIN Agile reached also a new version (3.0.2) aiming to solve some of the incompatibilities with the new JIRA Agile.

The JIRA team here wishes you, as always, to have fun! Lots of it !

June 2015

Best Engineer job fair

On 22nd and 23rd of May 2015, Kepler-Rominfo has participated to Best Engineer job fair dedicated to engineers and IT experts, fair held in Pitesti Mall.

During the event, a great number of students, recent graduates and experienced IT specialists got in touch with Kepler’s team for information about our company profile, technologies and project types in our portfolio, as well as details on job opportunities.

This event represented an excellent occasion to promote Kepler-Rominfo’s values on IT job market in Pitesti and to enhance IT specialists’ interest in our company.

click to enlarge

May 2015

KCF PRO Gets Some Sunlight!

Our JIRA family of products got a new member today: KCF PRO. KCF PRO packs a lot of power in JIRA being the most flexible picker to date: issues, users, groups, versions, just about anything.

While we're waiting for Atlassian approval process to complete, enjoy the video presentation we've done for it:

March 2015

ShipIt Day - first edition!

Yesterday was a big day for us, we had our first ShipIt Day! As you know, the concept was popularized by Atlassian: ShipIt Day encourages people to surface new ideas, work throughout the day on them and demo them at the end, having fun at work. And indeed, wonderful ideas coming from teams of nice and young people were flowing around yesterday in the office.

Judgment and weighting the ideas was hard, but nevertheless we have a winning project: the JIRA Google Maps custom field.

Congratulations to our winner, Silviu Burcea!

December 2014

JIRA Add-ons Holiday Seasons Sales !

Reasons to Celebrate

We, the Kepler JIRA team, had a fantastic year here. We launched SIL 3.0, moved all our plugins to this new architecture, made them DataCenter compatible. Besides that, we also had two huge integration projects and that had inspired us to create more Atlassian add-ons. They will become commercially available next year, pushing us even further into the Atlassian products customization realm.

We thank all our customers (you're great!) for the feedback and support. We're really honoured to have you on-board.

20 % off Any Paid JIRA Add-on

To celebrate with us, until 1st of January 2015, we're offering 20% off on any paid JIRA add-on, just to let you complete your collection ;)

A Happy New Year to All of You!

December 2014

High standards. Certified services.

Kepler-Rominfo is committed to ensure high quality and reliable services for its customers and therefore along the ISO 9001:2008, we proudly announce that starting November 2014, we are certified ISO/IEC 20000-1:2011 for service management and ISO/IEC 27001:2013 for data security.

November 2014

Kepler 3.0.0 JIRA add-on suite is released!

SIL 3.0 is now released. It took a huge effort on our side; and it wasn't just the language (which is just a small part) but the whole Kepler-Rominfo add-on suite.

Besides the needed SIL language changes, we added DataCenter compatibility for all major add-ons (JJUPIN, Blitz-Actions, JJUPIN Agile, DBCF, KCF); we tested them in two huge, real life, integration projects.

Kepler 3.0 add-ons suite is available only for JIRA 6.x.

Learn more:

September 2014

SIL 3.0.0 BETA-1 now available

We just released last version of SIL 2.5 and - for you to explore - the BETA 1 of SIL 3.0.

While SIL 2.5 brings some minor improvements and you're encouraged to update, the 3.0 release is a huge step ahead.

In short, SIL 3.0 adds:

  • better global variables definition
  • constants
  • multi-dimensional arrays
  • user-defined types (structures)
  • chaining index and field access
  • additional operators (++, --, ternary if)
  • error handling (try-catch blocks)

Please download this file for details: SIL3.pdf

JJupin has been hugely improved. Some usage restrictions have been lifted (so, for instance, you're not required anymore, in certain cases, to add your postfunction last, we relaxed that rule). However, this release only contain the language and interface change between katl-commons and all the plugins using SIL. In the coming months, you will see improvements at the UI level, but not only.

Please also note that we'll cease support for UGP (User Group Picker), while we'll retain support for UGP-PRO. The functionality of UGP is now replicated by the standard JIRA custom-field. A migration guide will be available; and we'll provide SIL scripts / SQL scripts so you can automate that migration task.

For those of you who need flexible reporting, we'll launch along with 3.0, a plugin that acts on Microsoft Excel templates, fill it with data (SIL scripts, right) and lets you download the resulting file. If you want to see it in action, just ask directly, since it will not be immediately public.

The SIL 3.0 documentation is being written right now, so be sure to come back and check it out!

All new versions are published on our site, in their dedicated section:

May 2014

KR Trumpet gets even better!

In the past month we worked quite hard to offer even more features to our KR Trumpet.

KR Trumpet got two new features as add-ons:

  1. mailing lists, and
  2. account activity streams

Mass mailing will enable you to manage and send e-mail messages to lists of customers that may or may have not an account on the site. The add-on offers you facilities like import / export mailing lists and merging of emails, to ease the management of such tasks.

Account streams will allow you to examine how the site is used internally for the logged-in users. That's tremendously important, everyone should agree.

Learn more about KR Trumpet ...

April 2014

Kepler-Atlassian Day: available on the web

Let's start by saying a big 'Thank you' to all who took part in Kepler-Atlassian Day.

We believe - and hope - that it was a very nice day. We enjoyed it.

For those of you who missed it (but not only) we published on our own channel the videos. Some of them are in Romanian, a couple in English (those kept by Vladimir Cavalcanti).

  1. Introduction Florin Haszler, RO
  2. Atlassian Intro, Vlad Cavalcanti, EN
  3. JIRA Service Desk, Razvan Nechifor, RO
  4. JIRA as Document Management System, Nicolae Olteanu, RO - Guest talk - Credit Agricole
  5. Kepler Plugins, Radu Dumitriu, RO
  6. Atlassian Customer Stories, Vlad Cavalcanti, EN (video not available)
  7. JIRA Claims, Bogdan Spanu, RO - Guest talk - Groupama

April 2014

KR Trumpet & Kepler's new site

On 10th of April, 2014, we'll launch KR Trumpet, a new Kepler-Rominfo software aimed to help enterprises quickly establish a nice and continuous web presence.

This solution is live on our site, and thus you have a live demo on what can you do with it. We think that's pretty awesome!

April 2014

Kepler-Atlassian Day - April 10, 2014

For the first time in Romania, Atlassian and Kepler-Rominfo, as the only Atlassian Expert in Romania, present first edition of the "Kepler-Atlassian Day"

Mark the date in your calendars, and book it.

We will present the latest products of the Australian software company, including:

  • JIRA Service Desk - a full and exhaustive support tool
  • JIRA
  • Confluence

Book it now!