December 2014

JIRA Add-ons Holiday Seasons Sales !

Reasons to Celebrate

We, the Kepler JIRA team, had a fantastic year here. We launched SIL 3.0, moved all our plugins to this new architecture, made them DataCenter compatible. Besides that, we also had two huge integration projects and that had inspired us to create more Atlassian add-ons. They will become commercially available next year, pushing us even further into the Atlassian products customization realm.

We thank all our customers (you're great!) for the feedback and support. We're really honoured to have you on-board.

20 % off Any Paid JIRA Add-on

To celebrate with us, until 1st of January 2015, we're offering 20% off on any paid JIRA add-on, just to let you complete your collection ;)

A Happy New Year to All of You!