September 2015

JJUPIN 3.0.8 is now released !

The summer is almost over, and we thought we need to put some sunshine back in your life: we released JJUPIN 3.0.8 This version adds stuff we wanted for a long time in JJUPIN:

  1. Startup script, executed just after JJUPIN gets initialized
  2. Similar to the Blitz-Action screen script, you can now customize the gadget to be more user friendly, asking parameters more nicely. That's an awesome feature that you will simply love, that's our bet. This feature adds a number of routines, too. We wrote a mini-tutorial to get you started here: Parameters in SIL Runner Gadget
  3. While on gadget parameters screen, we improved security for the gadget scripts, too. You can now configure it for multiple groups, users and project roles.
  4. We added a number of requested routines into the core (getting a file from URL, add / remove group to / from project role, etc).
  5. We added a long awaited feature, the SIL task scheduler, offering also programmatic access to it, too. Routines like runJobIn, runJobAt, runJobInAndRepeat, runJobByCron, we hope, will simplify your life. Read more about this here: Scheduling Routines

Note: This version of JJUPIN needs katl-commons 3.0.8. Make sure when upgrading that the katl-commons gets on this version, too. JJUPIN Agile reached also a new version (3.0.2) aiming to solve some of the incompatibilities with the new JIRA Agile.

The JIRA team here wishes you, as always, to have fun! Lots of it !