April 2014

Kepler-Atlassian Day: available on the web

Let's start by saying a big 'Thank you' to all who took part in Kepler-Atlassian Day.

We believe - and hope - that it was a very nice day. We enjoyed it.

For those of you who missed it (but not only) we published on our own channel the videos. Some of them are in Romanian, a couple in English (those kept by Vladimir Cavalcanti).

  1. Introduction Florin Haszler, RO
  2. Atlassian Intro, Vlad Cavalcanti, EN
  3. JIRA Service Desk, Razvan Nechifor, RO
  4. JIRA as Document Management System, Nicolae Olteanu, RO - Guest talk - Credit Agricole
  5. Kepler Plugins, Radu Dumitriu, RO
  6. Atlassian Customer Stories, Vlad Cavalcanti, EN (video not available)
  7. JIRA Claims, Bogdan Spanu, RO - Guest talk - Groupama