September 2014

SIL 3.0.0 BETA-1 now available

We just released last version of SIL 2.5 and - for you to explore - the BETA 1 of SIL 3.0.

While SIL 2.5 brings some minor improvements and you're encouraged to update, the 3.0 release is a huge step ahead.

In short, SIL 3.0 adds:

  • better global variables definition
  • constants
  • multi-dimensional arrays
  • user-defined types (structures)
  • chaining index and field access
  • additional operators (++, --, ternary if)
  • error handling (try-catch blocks)

Please download this file for details: SIL3.pdf

JJupin has been hugely improved. Some usage restrictions have been lifted (so, for instance, you're not required anymore, in certain cases, to add your postfunction last, we relaxed that rule). However, this release only contain the language and interface change between katl-commons and all the plugins using SIL. In the coming months, you will see improvements at the UI level, but not only.

Please also note that we'll cease support for UGP (User Group Picker), while we'll retain support for UGP-PRO. The functionality of UGP is now replicated by the standard JIRA custom-field. A migration guide will be available; and we'll provide SIL scripts / SQL scripts so you can automate that migration task.

For those of you who need flexible reporting, we'll launch along with 3.0, a plugin that acts on Microsoft Excel templates, fill it with data (SIL scripts, right) and lets you download the resulting file. If you want to see it in action, just ask directly, since it will not be immediately public.

The SIL 3.0 documentation is being written right now, so be sure to come back and check it out!

All new versions are published on our site, in their dedicated section: