Hiring Process

We have a recruitment process that we wish to be as transparent and adaptated to the surrounding work environment as possible. This means that our process is short, but well calibrated and balanced, allowing us to respect both our candidate’s time, while identifying the competences and motivation necessary for the success of our future new colleague.

Something specific to the Kepler hiring process is that the interviews are not held by the HR department, but by the Business Manager in charge with the specific project. This has benefits for all those involved:

- For the candidate – he gets to know his coordinator and Career Path Officer straight from the beginning. He can find out extended information about the team, the project, the client, the technologies, and he has already a reference point that he can reach for more details;

- For the Busines Manager – being the one who knows best the requirements for the job and the particularities of the client (because he is in constant contact with him), he is the most fit to drive the selection process and provide the candidate with as many details as necessary;

- For our Partner – he will have a specialist owning all the correct information, training, onboarding, so that he is both productive and motivated.

As for the stages of our recruitment process, they are all classic by now:

- Expressing your interest – we encounter and encourage it on all channels: our own Career webpage, our Linkedin page, Facebook page, or simply by sending us a CV, profile, mail at jobs@kepler-rominfo.com

- Screening – it happens over the phone and it is performed by our recruitment team. It is the first discussion, when we introduce ourselves to the candidate, we provide information about the company, the project at hand, the team and we validate both interest and critical competences.

- Interview – the moment of getting to know each other in real life when we discuss technical knowledge, skills, motivation, experience and we discover how we can have the best collaboration and how this should look like.

- Offer – after the interviews are over and all the stakeholders have shared their validation, we forward the offer. Once this is accepted we can move further to onboarding.

So, now that you know more about the way we hire new people at Kepler, how about we get to experience our recruitment process first hand?

See here if we have a job that sounds interesting or just send us a CV and we’ll start from that.

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Now that you know more about the hiring process at Kepler, how about we get to know each other?
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