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Kepler-Rominfo S.A.

Kepler-Rominfo is one of the leading Romanian IT companies, providing software services, solutions and products to an ever increasing number of customers worldwide.

With a continuous turnover increase, Kepler-Rominfo has reached today more than 200 high-level software consultants, able to cover a large area of technical and functional requirements.

We're proud to be here, and we invite you to join us.

Build Your Software!

Get applications tailored to your real needs; we know how to steer software development without sacrificing quality.

Or maybe you want a dedicated team of people to care for your project ?

Do you have a great idea and you want it alive?

We're here to help you achieve all that. And more.


Choose Your Solution

Throughout the years, we have developed complete solutions for:

 - Atlassian JIRA
 - Pension and investment funds
 - SMS communication
 - Aviation / Weather

We're also an Atlassian Expert in Romania.


Our Customers

We built great software and offer outstanding services and this is why all our customers are happy.

Read more about them, their issues and our positive impact on their businesses.

And don't forget: get your share of happiness now!