Relationships that Endure

We like to think that we created relationships with our customers; we're not simple providers for them.

That's in our business philosophy. We strive for win-win situations. Always.

About two thirds from our total turnover comes from customers we know for more than 5 years. They came to us, they love what we do, and they come back to us, every year. All our clients are private-owned companies, with specific interests and objectives, and they selected us to take part in their businesses.

And this is because we offer transparency to them; we're honest with ourselves and our customers and we never abandoned our principles and our mission.

The result? Happy customers. And a happy company: us!

Below, you will find a short list of customers; since we care about their privacy, we do not want to name them specifically.

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Our Customers

Customer Domain Forbes Rank
Telecom Operator Telecom < 50
Insurance Company Finance < 50
Bank (Romanian branch) Finance < 150
Telecom Operator Telecom < 150
Pharmaceutical Company Pharma < 150
Fast-Food Chain Food < 200
Energy Company Energy < 500
Bank (Romanian branch) Finance < 500
Bank (Romanian branch) Finance < 700
Leading company in flavours & fragrances industry Chemical < 1500
Most Important Paris Museum Culture -
Corporate Services Giant Prepaid services -
Car Parts Manufacturer Automotive -
Cloth retail company Cloth -
Insurance Company Finance -