Airport bird control application


Have you ever wondered what happens when a bird gets stuck in an airplane propeller? It’s not a situation you want to witness. Our client is providing the most sophisticated bird dispersal systems throughout the world. He came to us with a request to rewrite the whole application designed to assist airports to manage the risk represented by bird presence to their activity.

The software must have built-in bioacoustics capabilities to scare wildlife, log all airport events that involve wildlife, perform runway inspections and must have advanced reporting capabilities.

The client wanted any drawing or sketch to be perceived as maps by this application. The application was supposed to calculate coordinates.

Kepler Solution:

We have rewritten the entire application from scratch and we also ensured the data migration. Bird/Wildlife Risk Management Software was designed to assist airports to manage the risk represented by bird/wildlife presence to their activity. This project was built following the standard requirements in the industry formulated by ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization). The software has built-in bioacoustics capabilities to scare wildlife.

The bird control application logs all airport events that involved wildlife, performs runway inspections and has advanced reporting capabilities. It integrates with various internal/devices (e.g. bio-acoustics device, camera, GPS). It can be used in many different languages and cultures. It is capable of working in a completely disconnected environment and it can transform the GPS coordinates into a custom airport map.

For this client, we performed a variety of services: Project Management, estimation, scope definition, risk evaluation, change management and impact assessment, planning and quality assurance. We built an automated data migration system that helps the client make his own maintenance.

For this project we worked with a team of 3 software engineers.


For this project that saw daylight in November 2015, we used: Visual Studio 2013, C#, WPF, Entity Framework Code First, Unity, SQL Server 2008, SQL Server CE 4, log4net, Telerik Dev Craft (UI for WPF, Reporting), mediator pattern for inter-model communication, specialization pattern for a generic reporting mechanism, advanced WPF technics like writing custom markup extensions, re-writing control templates, advanced converters, advanced command bindings.


  • The main challenge of this project was to make any type of drawing or sketch to be perceived as a map by the application. But we managed to incorporate that feature in the software.
  • Another challenge was to develop a generic reporting engine embedded into the application that allows for filtering on any of the data fields in the application. This also had to be extensible to quickly add any other future filtering criteria.


With this new and improved application, the client participated in various showrooms and managed to land new accounts. Also, he didn’t need outside help for the maintenance of this application.

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