All-in-one banking application


The client is the Romanian branch of a well known Greek bank, that had ten applications running on DOS and FOX PRO and ten users that distributed the information between the bank’s branches, but there was no communication whatsoever between them and the Central bank.

The client wanted all data to be centralized with the help of one simple to use application that would record, capture and automatically process the loan applications and selection of approval path.

Kepler solution:

In 2006 we established a competence center led by a Project Manager, dedicated to managing functional and technical teams made of 20 consultants who were responsible for checking incoming change requests and the quality of deliverables.

We developed a customized app that facilitates communication between all branches in the country and the Central Bank, enables instantaneous and pre-approval of the loan requests and ensures the management and approval of debt and credit.

The Project Management was done through a dedicated tool – JIRA Software, that monitored and planned the entire software development cycle. The client was in charge of deciding the priority of each task and received weekly reports about the status of the application.

The project was developed at our headquarters in Bucharest and Craiova, and after launching the first version, the client was pleased to have one application to manage all the internal procedures. So he decided to keep us on board for developing new features and also for the maintenance and support.

We had a great collaboration with the client because he had a wide vision about the project and some technical knowledge, so we communicated very well during the development process.


For this project our specialists used ASP.NET Framework & MVC5, C#, SQL Server, Reporting Services, Web services and WPF.


One of the challenges we encountered was to extract all the data from the legacy technology available, like DOS, FOX PRO, or Excel, that was used to keep track of everything, and to centralize it in the new program.


  • The communication between the Central Bank and the other subsidiaries in Romania was simplified.
  • Lots of time-consuming tasks like reporting, evaluation, processing of loan application or selection of approval path disappeared, and everything was automated.

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