Custom AWOS Application


We all love to fly, but few of us know what lies behind an ordinary plane landing. There is a not so ordinary technology that ensures the safety of each flight, called AWOS (Automated Weather Observing System). The client appealed to Kepler's expertise to develop a custom solution for updating AWOS, a solution that responds to today's needs and increasing air traffic capacity.

Kepler solution:

We developed a custom AWOS solution for our client, named ROMAWOS. The application had all the AWOS facilities and many other features.

This project was originally developed as a real-time weather monitoring system for Romanian airports, providing support for flight decisions. It combines more than 130 observed or calculated atmospheric parameters into a comprehensive interface, helping airport authorities to make accurate and safe decisions.

The system is certified by Romanian Civil Aeronautical Authority. It is conformed to ICAO international standards and it is used now in the Romanian civil airports - all 17 of them, including Bucharest international airport, main air gate.

ROMAWOS is a complex, yet modern system adapted to international requirements on airport software solutions; its application design, implementation and testing are performed in conformity with 3 (SWAL) security level recommended by ESARR 6 – it performs according to a redundant system architecture.

Its modular architecture made possible replacing the entire sensor arrays with new ones. Our solution was easily adapted to other real-time weather fields. Based on our customer’s needs, the solution was customized to acquire new types of weather data from specific acquisition modules and to attach a new meaning to it, for further processing or display.

After this first successful project, that was released in 1999, the Kepler team of experts continues to work closely with this customer, to help it streamline its processes in other areas of activity.



The main challenge we encountered in this project was to make the application compatible with all the operation systems found in the Romanian airports.


Now, our client enjoys a personalized and upgraded AWOS application that runs perfectly on all platfroms.

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