Development and maintenance for a monitoring application


Our client is a famous French museum, where some of the most valuable paintings in the world are exhibited.

In an Art Museum, there are a lot of aspects that need to be taken into consideration, when planning employee’s shifts and vacations. It might seem like an easy task, but without an organized data base, it’s hard to prevent errors.

Our client came to us with an idea in mind, that would help him keep track of security agents shifts and free days. This is an important issue because it affects their paychecks and, also the museums security.

He also wanted a better solution for planning cultural events and a program that would monitor the access to the building.

The client came to us with this requests in 2001.

Kepler solution:

The first app we developed was designed to keep track of the time and activity of the security agent’s shifts (shift schedules, vacation time, medical leave).

This solution is very complex because of the multitude of shifts available for the employees of the museum: normal shift, night shift, special shift, split shift (2 hours morning, 4 hours evening). Also, there are employees working full time, 90%, 70%, part time, etc. This app monitors the breaks and the medical leave (about 70 types of medical leave) of each security agent. It keeps track of the extra hours or the hours that need to be recovered.

With the same app, the HR department can calculate paychecks and vacation days.

They also installed an Info station where the employees can use their badges to check the worked hours and vacation days, with the help of Kepler’s solution.

In time, this application became even more useful, because it had special protocols for assigning guard agents to exhibition halls. This app was interconnected with the payroll app, and it was used also to ensure the Museum’s security.

In 2007-2008, the first application was extended for all types of employees (around 16.000), not only for security agents.

Kepler’s application automatically imports data about the new employees from the HR department and generates reports at the end of each month.

The second app we created for our client is meant to monitor the access to the Museum for the outside service providers (movers, photographers, cleaning crew). This app provides limited access for the service providers (by hours and by spaces).

The third app we developed was dedicated to planning cultural events in the Museum.

This project saw daylight in 2001. After 17 years, we continue to have a strong collaboration with the Museum: we are making all the upgrades for the applications and we offer maintenance and support.

For this project, we gathered a team of 8 software engineers, led by a Project manager. We worked Waterfall and we used: Oracle, Delphi 5 and PL/SQL.

This is one of Kepler’s most successful projects, because of its complexity and importance. Kepler always had a courageous vision to collaborate on projects that have prompted us to develop complex skills and abilities.



The Museum has a very complex application that monitors the employee’s shifts and vacation time. This application, when connected with the payroll application, is used to increase the Museum's security.

The employees can verify their schedule and vacation days on the Info Kiosk inside of the Museum, using Kepler’s application.

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