Development of centralized inventory management application


The client is one of the largest French ready-to-wear distribution company. He has retail shops all over the world. He took over continent by continent, and his business became very complex, over the years.

The client's computer system is multi-application and multi-technology. The client’s employees work on Oracle but, for several years now, the Forms and Reports interfaces have begun to be migrated to Java by the client’s team.

Our client wanted a new and improved main customer application.

Kepler solution:

Since the year 2000, when our collaboration started, Kepler became responsible of some projects for Accounting. Due to the good quality of the deliverables and great communication, the client entrusted us with the development of Stock Management and Back Office Web applications.

We went to the client’s headquarters for knowledge transfer and ramp-up. This is a process we enjoy, because we became experts in fast-learning.

We started a more integrated collaboration in 2008, when the client entrusted us with the development and maintenance of all Cobol & Oracle & Forms & Reports applications. The Kepler team was composed of 15-20 talented developers, project managers and analysts.

The team management was done from Bucharest and Pitesti headquarters. We had daily video meetings with our client’s team.

Given the high complexity of the application, the strong functional knowledge and the responsiveness of the Kepler team, the client requested us to rewrite the main customer application, that of centralized inventory management.

We used Oracle 11g, Forms & Reports 10g, Linux, Jasper Reports 3.7.3., Java 1.8, Spring batch, Webservice rest, Mybatis, Spring, Maven and Git to offer our client a new and improved customer application.

The Kepler team got involved in the analysis phase and accreditation tests with strong functional knowledge on the application. Our Java team had a strong technical background on the technology used by the client, so our collaboration with the client was smooth and successful.

The client is very satisfied with our result and we are still doing evolving maintenance. This was a pleasant collaboration because of the great communication we had with the client.



The client has an upgraded main customer application that provides centralized inventory management.

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