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The client is one of the biggest purchasers of beauty salons in the world. With over 24 years of experience in fashion, the VOG Group has mastered the entire fashion supply chain in Europe, North Africa and Southeast Asia. The VOG Group has invested in business and financial resources in a portfolio of promising brands in ready-to-wear, but it didn’t have an e-commerce website to sell its products to both clients and hair salons.

The Vog Group wanted a solution to centralize the data from all the hairdressing salons belonging to the group, and to be able to generate accurate reports.

Kepler solution:

Kepler designed and built an e-commerce website to meet the client needs - HairBeaute.com. The website sales professional products for individuals and hairdressing salons.

After the website was built, we designed a B2B2C system covering the three VOG Group businesses: hairdressing, franchising and training. These three businesses are grouped together in sub-ecosystems interconnected with each other and with the ERP.

The sub-ecosystem hairstyle, cross-channel, includes:

  • A B2B e-commerce platform dedicated to franchisees and hairdressers
  • A mainstream B2C sales platform cross-channel products and hairdressing services
  • An administration platform Franchisor for sub-ecosystem supervision
  • Connector that links the activity of the B2C e-commerce site and the activity of a third-party sales point platform
  • Connector that allows the automatic control of the screens installed in hairdressing salons for marketing campaigns
  • Connector between e-commerce sites and third-party ERP platform
  • Reporting module that retrieves sales receipts from outlets and generates dashboards for fairs and for the sub-system supervisor
  • SI Franchisee - consolidation of information from various sources, that will be exploited by a group of Business Analysts


For this project, that saw daylight in February 2014, we worked with Visual Studio 2013, C# solution based on Microsoft .Net Framework 4.5, ASP.Net MVC5 framework, Entity Framework 6.1, jQuery, jSon.Net, SQL Server, REST services, IIS 7.5, Telerik Kendo UI controls.

The main challenge of this project was communicating with all the partners of the group, to gather accurate information, that we later centralized for the B2B2C system. The client was very satisfied with our work, and we are still offering maintenance for the e-commerce website.


The client’s gains include:

  • As e-commerce is key in the Fashion & Beauty sector, Groupe Vog gained market exposure via its new website, with improved marketing tools.
  • The client has a B2B2C system that integrates the sales flow and remotely collects and consolidates accurate data from all partners.

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