e-Procurement and purchasing tool


Our client, CHR-HA is the first independent SEO center in the hotel and restaurant market. It negotiates 30 million euros of purchases per year on behalf of 1,400 members, through its 2 solutions: HA SEO (Central SEO for hotels and independent restaurants, with no obligation to buy and no contribution) and HA Brokerage (Outsourcing of purchases for investors and multisite groups by providing a dedicated buyer. Solution without contribution for the groups but with a commitment of volume). Initially, CHR-HA just wanted to port the existing application on to a more modern technology.

After a complete Business Analysis, they decided to redesign the website and build a new application that implements a procurement center for groups, hotel chains and restaurants in France. In other words, CHR-HA needed an e-Procurement and purchasing tool.

Kepler solution:

Kepler provided a complete Business Analysis and came up with a modern and user-friendly website. We created and developed a business framework as a relatively generic template. Kepler also designed a useful ERP for billing, loyalty on points, accounting and offer customizations. For this project, that saw daylight in 2010, we used the Waterfall methodology. The application is extremely stable, but we are still providing progressive maintenance.

Intervention areas include:

  • Management of adherents and suppliers in different markets
  • Management of products and services
  • Loyalty programs
  • Demand grouping
  • Management of approval rules management for users, services and companies
  • Flexible workflows management (workflow engine)
  • Performance management (quality and financial)
  • Strategic sourcing scenarios



We had to build a hybrid between CodeIgniter and Joomla.


The client negotiates 30 million euros volume of purchases per year, on behalf of 1,400 members. CHR-HA now has a modern and user-friendly website and a very stable application, that requires little to no maintenance.

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