Maintenance of the financial-accounting system


Our client is one of the largest fast-food chains in the world. They used to have a team in every region of the world to ensure maintenance for their financial system. They decided to set up a Competence center here in Romania, to centralize the maintenance of the app. The client also wanted all the data from all the countries to generate reports to make business decisions.

Kepler Solution:

The client chose us to establish a Competence Center that was led by a Project Manager dedicated to managing the functional and technical teams. The Competence Center was responsible for managing the business requests and solution implementations, regarding their financial system.

The client benefits from:

  • Enhancement maintenance
  • Corrective maintenance 24/5
  • Projects for international deployments
  • Data interfaces with local and group-level systems
  • Migrations to higher versions of applications and OS

We also developed a Data Warehouse system to gather information from departments from all the countries and centralize it. The client can use that data to generate accurate reports that can help make sound business decisions and marketing strategies. Data is extracted on a regular basis from source systems - applications such as ERP systems, that contain important and relevant company info. The gathered data is cleaned, formatted, validated, reorganized, summarized and supplemented with data from many other sources, and then is transferred to a DWH.

And as a testimony to our client's satisfaction, since we first started our collaboration in 1998, we extended the area for which we offer support and maintenance little by little. Our additions in 2016 were: China, Hong-Kong, South Korea, Malaysia and the latest one, Australia.

Step-by-step, we're becoming the only providers in this field at a global level.



  • The KPI for data quality is 100%
  • With a financial-accounting system planned for international deployment, all the international entities at the level of application maintenance of their Information Systems implemented on IBM AS/400 technologies.


  • A 24/5 bug correction and support for their financial system.
  • A custom-made Data Warehouse system that generates accurate reports.

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