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Doctor Franck Baudino came to Kepler with an innovative idea to build a special medical device that would allow people to get a physical exam on the spot. Our client, H4D, wanted to use existing instruments such as a tensiometer or a stethoscope, and integrate them into a capsule that would recreate the conditions of a medical office: sterile environment, favorable temperature, etc.

When it comes to medical emergencies, there are isolated areas where is hard for a doctor to reach and to perform medical analysis. The Consult Station allows people to give themselves a medical exam, in an enivronment that is similar to the one inside a medical office.

The challenge for us was to retrieve the measurements from medical utensils (like a stethoscope or a tensiometer) and store them into a program, from where they can be used.

Kepler solution:

The project started in 2009. We gathered a team of five software developers and one Project Manager Architect and we became the sole IT division for this project. We started from a soft interface that needed to connect two instruments: a scale and a tensiometer.

The first version of this medical capsule had 5 instruments that would measure: height, weight, pulse, temperature and blood pressure. With the help of the Chair of Ergonomics, from the University Art and Métiers from Paris, the first prototype was created. The Consult Station was a vertical capsule with medical instruments inside. But it still needed to work!

That's where we stepped in, and built the software designed to retrieve measurements from the utensils and gather them in a program. There was a lot of research done on the first prototype, regarding the utility and convenience of the Consult Station.

When the second prototype was released, we've already built in a "Doctor application" that allows the patient inside the capsule to communicate with a doctor, in real time, via a video connection. This is the future of Digital Health: telemedicine brings the doctor's office to you. After the consultation, the retrieved data from the utensils inside the cabin it's gathered in one folder (the patient's medical file) that can be communicated to a hospital and seen on the internet by the patient. Since then, the Consult Station has been industrialized, being certified as a medical device with laboratory tests.


The telemedicine project saw daylight in 2010 (first release), we used the Agile as the Project Management methodology, and .NET, C# and ASP.NET technologies. We performed consultancy services on the infrastructure and structure monitoring and we're still providing support and progressive maintenance for our client, H4D. This is an ongoing project since the software is being constantly upgraded.


The Consult Station that was once only a daring dream, became reality with the help of our software. Now, the Consult Station has 14 working functionalities and it's being internationally marketed in 7 countries, with 98% of its users declaring they're "More than satisfied" of this service.

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