Jira customization for gathering data and generating reports solution


Our client is one of the largest shipping companies in Romania, dealing with international container transportation both on water and on land. The client used Excel Sheets for storing data, in every department of its business. The information was not centralized, so it was hard to keep everything in order. The client wanted a solution to gather the data from all the departments and use it to generate reports. The shipping company’s data is split in 3 modules: Exported containers, Imported containers and Logistics.

Kepler solution:

Kepler came up with a 3-step solution for every module of our client’s business. We customized Jira for this project, so that it would centralize all the relevant data. Our consultant implemented this solution in each module.

The Exported containers module gathers information about the ‘In Quotes’, the ‘Out Quotes’ and the ‘Orders’ (booking for ongoing vessels, type of merchandise, terminal, other services).

The Imported containers module centralizes information about the containers on incoming vessels and about the customers. It also transforms uploaded files from international shipping standard into Jira issues.

The Logistics module provides information about the terminals (rates and service types) for each container.

Because the currency differs from country to country, the application is set to transform all currency to dollars, before generating reports.

Our main challenge in this project consisted in organizing and structuring the information, clarifying work procedures and user roles.

We customized Jira to map our client’s business needs and implemented the solution with success.

This project was released in 2017 and we are still providing maintenance and support.



Our client has all the information about each container and shipment in one place, with real-time visibility. He can use our application to manage all the information and generate accurate reports.

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