Production costs and product prices management solution


Our client is the world's leading producer of essences. He creates most of the smells and aromas on the market. The client's business is very complex and it has become a complicated task to manage all the production costs and product prices. The client reached out to us to come up with the perfect solution to simplify this task.

Kepler Solution:

Kepler took over the development of an application that would manage the production costs and product prices. We gathered a team of 24 software engineers, a business analyst, a project manager and a team leader for this project. We used Struts, Spring, jQuery, JSP, MyBatis, Hibernate, JAX-WS, Axis 2, Oracle Release, Jira Stack, Jenkins and Ant for the development of the application. Our software developers worked Waterfall on this application, that went into production in January 2015.

After we successfully developed the production costs and product prices management application with great technical performance and management flexibility, the client decided to extend the collaboration. We are currently offering maintenance and support for the production costs and product prices management solution, and we have 22 new projects in development, for the same client.



One of the greatest challenges in this project was keeping track of thousands of products and keeping up with the production costs that were always changing.


Our client had lower development costs due to the quality of our team's work. There was a 60% performance improvement in the software application after Kepler took over the project.

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