Have you ever imagined how easy life would be without cash? You could walk around without worrying about your wallet all the time - no more change filling your pockets… Imagine you could transfer money in a blink of an eye, with your mobile phone. What if you could use your phone to pay for groceries at the supermarket or your electrical bill?

Our client had the same dream: to offer his customers a cash free life. He wanted a Fin Tech solution that would be both safe and easy to use. He came to us looking for a Java and AngularJS developer, that would help him turn this dream into a reality.

Kepler solution:

We designated a software engineer to join the client’s existing team and to participate in the software development process. Our software developer integrated very easy with the client’s development team, and they started the work on the Fin Tech Solution immediately.

The Fintech solution offers safe money transaction services, and it allows people to make payments or transfer money anytime and anywhere, with their mobile phone, without depending on any running program.

The coordination of this project was done by Project Manager, the product owner, a Business Architect, a development team and a QA team.

For this complex project, the development team used: Oracle database, Java 1.8, Spring boot, JMS, Redis, AngularJS, Gradle, Teamcity, intellij idea, Git and Jira.

We worked Agile, at the client’s headquarters and we offered solutions for each functionality that was implemented.

This Project saw daylight in August 2016, but some features are still in development, so our successful collaboration continues.


With Kepler’s assistance, the client released the application in due time and budget. Kepler proved its ability to integrate fast with the client’s development team.

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