Over the years Kepler-Rominfo has gained experience in executing large and very large projects (over 5000 man-days); our project managers and specialists got exposure to a large range of technologies and methodologies, and we can therefore guarantee you a rigorous implementation according to your demands.

Our build process is completely transparent: you're always in control and you can follow up on the project status any time. We use JIRA here to cover your reporting needs, but we can adapt to any reporting software of your choice. And, since we do not charge for standard tools that we need and use, your cost is lower.

Upon request, we can allocate for your project physical resources (servers, UAT environments, you name it). For us it doesn't take weeks; it is a matter of days.

We're that flexible, you know?

Fixed Price Projects

If you have detailed specifications, just call us and ask about a price tag. But even if you don't have that, when all you have is a vague business request, or even a sketch on a piece of paper, we can start from that. After the project estimation is completed, if you agree, we can develop the detailed specifications ourselves and then execute the project.

As stated above, at any time and in any phase, you're in control. And, if you decide to trust us with that, too, you're in good hands.

Time & Materials Consulting

Do you want to get rid of the constraints of the software specifications? Would you like to develop your project iteration by iteration, maybe apply some Agile methodology? You can choose your own Kepler team, or choose an individual to perform an one-of-a-kind task.

Your place or ours? It doesn't matter. Again, you will have full visibility (we use JIRA Agile here to cover your Agile needs).

SLA services

Support and maintenance for our own applications and third party applications? You bet we have this as well. We can take ownership of any long-haul support task, and raise it to a new level.

You can organize the support to match your actual needs, create specialized or general levels of support, issue hand-over procedures; you can ask for our advice at any time on how to optimize these processes.

Production Support

Our services are available in any time range, from 8/5 to 24/7. We can monitor any type of servers (Windows, Unix, AS/400), network devices and sensors, standard applications (databases, ERP applications e.g. SAP, web servers), but also specific applications, either developed by us or by a third-party.

Our friendly administrator teams can quickly resolve any kind of incident your network may have.

We have great deals for this, so use this page to get a quote from us.

Solution Implementations

We can implement our own solutions on your infrastructure (insurance, banking, communication, aviation/weather), Atlassian solutions (JIRA, Confluence, Development tools).

Business Process Optimization

When it comes to business process modeling, we have found the perfect tool: JIRA, initially created for incidents tracking, is a simple and efficient instrument to optimize a process. Its intuitive interface, the incredible versatility of this product, combined with our addons, made it ideal for complex, workflow-driven projects.

Since 2008, when we have become an Atlassian Expert, we have created astonishing customized JIRA installs.

Complete services

Following the well-known SaaS principle (Software as a Service) we can offer you all of the above.

Forget about allocating resources to build your next-generation software, forget about hidden costs associated with it, Kepler can perform:

Get in touch with us

Our office phone is +40 21 233 10 80; we're open Monday to Friday between 9-18, Eastern European Time (GMT+2)

Don't hesitate to request a quote.