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JIRA, Confluence, and more

Since 2008 we're the only Atlassian Expert in Romania.

If you have fallen in love with JIRA, Confluence, Stash, or any Atlassian product, and you need it in Romania, contact us. We can help you implement your Atlassian solution in your enterprise, offer you advices, make it to bend to your processes.

You know, we love software, too.

JIRA Plugins

JIRA plugins

We're not a simple Atlassian re-seller.

We have developed JIRA plugins that got recognized on Atlassian Marketplace as a Swiss-army knife; we're proud to say that some features they have are unique among all the Atlassian Marketplace add-ons.



Need a solution for communication management with the clients?

Get our SMS gateway, KR EMS; it just keeps your SMS costs under control. Or you need our KR Trumpet?

These are low-cost solutions to everyday problems.



Own own solutions for investments and insurance, specifically aimed at the Romanian market.

From pensions and investments funds management to insurance solutions, we have it in here.

Dive in, and ask for a quote.



Automatic Weather Observing System

Real-time weather monitoring for airports; provides support for real-time decision based on more than 130 observed or calculated atmospheric parameters.

Already implemented in airports in Romania.

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