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Provides a purpose built experience for business teams


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Be fast, be in the know, and be organised with JIRA Core

Manage any business project including marketing, HR, legal and IT projects

Keep the team organized

Plan any business project with JIRA Core. Choose from business project templates: task management, project management, and process management to get your team started.

Collaboration inside team

Anyone can be in the know. Use JIRA Core’s @mentions to get the attention of specific business team members and stay informed with notifications

Track history

Track information that matters to you. With JIRA Core you will have visibility into what your team members are working on, what the status is and when it will be done.

Organize information

JIRA Core delivers a central location for all project information, such as comments, files and due dates. With an intuitive and powerful search tool, you can find everything you need.

Measure Results

JIRA Core’s reports and dashboards provide you with insights into how your business team is doing and what’s coming up next.

JIRA Core is extensible: improve it with add-ons

Over one thousand add-ons are available for helping you to improve your JIRA Core.

JIRA Core is built for business teams


Manage review cycles for any type of marketing collateral such as website management and ad creatives.


Track any type of Operation process in your organization: delivery, maintenance, manufacturing, constructions and more.


Track the candidate recruitment process and organize tasks to onboard new employees.


Review legal documents such as NDAs, Terms of Use, and Privacy Policies before they get signed and approved.


Stay within budget and review all purchases and procurements.

Integration with other tools

JIRA Core can be integrated with Confluence and HipChat.

Integration with Confluence

Product requirements written in Confluence could be easily transformed into a JIRA Core issue.

Integration with Hipchat

JIRA Core notifications are delivered directly to any HipChat room.

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