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Michael Parks, about JJUPIN:

This plugin is downright MAGICAL! With a little bit of scripting, you can implement functionality that other plugins charge thousands of dollars for. And did I mention the great cost? 500 users for $350? (What a concept! A plugin that doesn't cost as much as the JIRA license itself!) Almost limitless flexibility without having to dive into writing your own Java classes? Buy this! Even if you don't have an immediate need that can be filled by it, you almost certainly will in the future.

Chris Labatt, about JJUPIN:

Not only is this an excellent tool that makes it REALLY easy to customize various Jira functions, but the developers are beyond responsive. I was missing a function that I needed and emailed their help address. Less than a week later, the developers had a new release of the software that included what I needed. Thanks for making my job easier!

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