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  • > Tables can be scripted
  • > Extracts information at issue editing time
  • > Easy to configure

 Database Custom Field

Exposing Data in JIRA

Database Custom Field is a Jira plugin which allows you to associate to an issue a value retrieved from an external database.


Database Custom Field offers the following features:

  • Allows you to import a field value from an external database into a database custom field. The value is selected by the user from the set of results retrieved by executing a query to the database
  • The issue field displays the values as a select list or as an auto complete box
  • Provides 2 new custom field types: Database Information and Database Child Information
  • Provides an administration page where the query and the children for a Database Custom Field will be defined
  • Auto completion of child database information field depending on the value of a database information field
  • Ability to execute a dynamic query, the results for a Database Custom Field depend on the current value of another issue field
  • Enables different field types (text field and url) for child fields
  • Allows database fields to be used in dashboard widgets (as statistics)
  • The values from the parent custom field can be associated with the corresponding primary keys from the database.
  • Allows you to view information from a data source (a database or a SIL script) in a tabular fashion using the Data Table custom field.
  • Support for selecting multiple values in a database custom field of type select list, as well as in autocomplete (Jira style)

The property of this plugin has been transferred from Kepler-Rominfo to cPrime.