Agile Tools for JJUPIN

  • > support for JIRA Agile Custom Fields
  • > routines to programatically manipulate your sprints & backlog
  • > all packed in the same easy language: SIL


Agility in SIL

We couldn't let JJUPIN without proper support for JIRA's favorite Agile tool, JIRA Agile (former GreenHopper).

We created this plugin to extend the capabilities of JJUPIN even further and to cover all custom fields JIRA Agile defines, as well as to provide scripting routines to all who want to modify the standard flows, pre-define values, automate sprints, etc.

This plugin offers support for the following JIRA Agile Custom Fields: Sprint, Rank, Epic Status, Epic Link, Epic Name, Epic Color, Story Points, Flagged, Business Value.

The plugin also provides routines to make your JIRA life easier:

  1. sprint manipulation (addIssueToSprint, removeIssueFromSprint, issueInStartedSprint, ...)
  2. sprint information (closedSprints, notStartedSprints, startedSprints, ...)
  3. ranking routines (rankFirst, rankLast, rankBefore, rankAfter)

Of course, we added the proper support for Live Fields, so you can manipulate JIRA Agile screens according to your needs; you can now enable / disable / set / hide / show JIRA Agile fields !

Important note: This plugin requires as a pre-requisite the JJUPIN plugin. It will not work as a stand-alone plugin, it really needs it.

The property of this plugin has been transferred from Kepler-Rominfo to cPrime.