The Ultimate Select List of JIRA

KCF PRO offers scripted or SQL based select lists (single, multiple, with auto-complete or static), radio buttons and checkboxes custom fields in JIRA.

We created KCF PRO having two objectives in mind:

  1. one to deal with the performance of loading huge data sets from various sources and
  2. second, to deal with dynamic lists of values, values that are maybe dependent on what the user has selected in the current screen or in previous ones.

KCF PRO offers rendering of the data as string (default) but you can display

  1. issues,
  2. components,
  3. versions,
  4. projects,
  5. groups
  6. users

That makes KCF PRO the ultimate picker of JIRA.

Solves or provides means (DIY) for resolving the following JIRA issues:

Issue Picker:
  1. JRA-10666
  2. JRA-14939
  3. JRA-23307
User and Group Pickers:
  1. JRA-5193
  2. JRA-13250
  3. JRA-1818
  4. JRA-29986
  5. JRA-16171
  6. JRA-23324
  7. JRA-29285
  8. JRA-36896
  9. JRA-11945
Version Picker:
  1. JRA-37001

That amounts 178 votes in the JIRA community.

The property of this plugin has been transferred from Kepler-Rominfo to cPrime.