Rights DNA

Safety, clarity and simplicity

  • > Visualize JIRA effective permissions
  • > Improve your JIRA security settings
  • > Manage permissions at once for a set of users
  • > Perform Sanity Checks

 Rights DNA

RightsDNA - The Must-Have Admin Tool

Rights DNA is the perfect tool for JIRA administrators that want a coherent user rights management. It helps create a consistent and secure environment for your JIRA users.

While it makes managing new users a lot easier, it maintains the sanity of your permission schemes by calculating effective rights of the users and helps you establish a uniform set of permissions for your users.

It's All About Effective Permissions, My Dear Watson

The plugin offers a way to easily see and manage users' permissions. It shows what a single user can do, who can access a project and group users with common permissions into families.If some user asks you why s/he cannot see an issue, you can quickly analyse the user's permissions on that issue and act accordingly.

How it is achived? Well, actually RightsDNA does a unique thing on JIRA: it calculates the effective permissions along with the sources of those permissions thus, reducing the time a JIRA administrator will spend on permission management in JIRA.

With RightsDNA you do not buy a simple reporting plugin. Instead, you buy intelligent management of user permissions, since RightsDNA can check your security schemes sanity in an instant and report:

  • Users that should not have access to your project(s)
  • Unwanted rights sources (role name , group name, direct assignment)
  • Inconsistent rights like editing issues without view permissions


  • Visualize all users having rights in a given project, including the source(s) of the right
  • Visualize all projects a user is having rights in
  • Scan the entire JIRA for patterns of rights, called families and
  • Assign users to families and thus operating the rights for all projects and permissions in the same time
  • Save permission sets (for scanned groups or users) and can restore all these settings at once
  • Perform JIRA user management sanity checks (invalid users, duplicate users, users that are old but still count toward your license, and more ...)

Use cases

  • Daily administration, by making users similar to others, permission checking, issue security checks
  • Maintaining a clean collection of users, making the most out of your JIRA license
  • Managing customer accounts versus internal developer accounts
  • Cleaning up legacy users repositories

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